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Lal Hawi Mawi is single no children. She has been working here i Singapore for almost 4 years. She serving few employer during this period of time.

2008-2009 Was employed by a Chinese family of 7 members, there are 6 adults and 1 child. They live in a appartment with 6 bedrooms and 4 bathroom. Her main duties are to do cleaning, washing and Ironing clothes, cooking and take care of a 2 years old child. She was not able to finished her contract due to her medical condition. She fall down and stwisted her right leg. She was then send back to her home country.

2009-2010 Chinese family of 3 members they live in a 3 story house. The child is already 11 years old. her main duties are to take care of the house hold chores, cooking only sometimes. Her employer are both working and the child goes to school. After 8 months of service, her madam decided to stop working and hire a part time maid only. so she have to find a new employer.

2010-2012 She was employed by a Indian family of 4 mebers, There are 2 children ages 2 and 5 years old. Sir and madam are both working. She is required to take care of the children, do all the house work, cooking Indian food every day. She is also required to prepare lucnk for both employer to bring to office. She finished her contract and go home.

2013-2014'til serving a Chinese family of 5 members, there are 4 adults and 1 child 1 years old. They live in a 3 bedroom HDB. Her main duties are to take care of the baby,taking care of ah kong and ah ma. They live in hdb3 rooms and total 5 in a family.

2014-2015 21 months with Indian family. She does all the housework.taking care of 7 years old and cooking. They live condo 4 rooms and total 3 in a family. She also need to take care of dog.

2015-2016 8 months serving Indian family. She take care of 2 big dogs, housework and cooking. Employer live in 4 storey and total 2 in a family. They going back for good to New Zealand.

Presently she work with Indian family. She does all the housework,cooking and taking care of 7 years old girl. She also need to take care of dog. They live in condo 4 rooms and total 3 in a family.

She has a pleasant personality and humble. Can take any job task that been given to her.

For more details, please call us at 67384715

Single (34)
Ref: 01 MYR
Upd on 28-Aug-16
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